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When people are usually asked about it, most would reply, “It is some sort of ‘cloud’ where all the sites are floating and data is pushed to and pulled from this cloud”, which we know is totally wrong. In reality, it’s just a bunch of blue-ish cables going into black-ish boxes.

While a cloud is mostly water, Internet is not.

Several blue and a red ethernet cables are connected to a device.

Internet is all about wires and boxes.

Since its introduction, internet has long been considered a game changer for modern civilizations. It is also promoted as a single, best and free (almost) service available to public, corporations, agencies and governments likewise. For long it was believed to be an independent entity that is completely cost-free and globally accessible, there are reasons that suggest the otherwise.

A guy pressing a key, only left hand is shown.


in this age of mass communication there still remain a lot of places which are unenlightened or remain “disconnected” from the rest of the world, and they makeup a really large number.

Which is,

in fact, a serious issue *(sort of) and can only be solved through unbiased and selfless collaboration of private corporations such as Google, governments and public intentions.


we are on safe side to say that tackling such an issue requires a complex strategy, efficient plan and plentiful amount of resources, which is quiet expensive; and we possess neither except the hope that someone else would probably be committed to figuring it out.


Wherever you go, issues follow.


Internet users, after getting to know it a little (which they eventually do), tend to develop a feeling of freedom. This feeling is a mix of sense of “freeness” in both of the famous cases; speech and cola.


…unfortunately most of the time the internet users face disappointment at some point in their life after realizing that there is no such thing as free lunch.


…the interesting thing is almost not a single being, specifically, inside the offices of global corporations, has ever realised what people feel and need, except for now.

A wire is going into the globe.


anything that tried to bring this matter into spotlight was crushed and smashed out of existence or was bought out of the picture in a wise move (the gentlemen’s way).

Gentlemen's tie.

This is where we come.

Our goal is to make things that are available online, at some cost, free to everyone and everywhere. We plan to extend our service to planets which are inhabited
by humans (which are only 1 in number, for now). Furthermore, we stand firm and are not for sale (and won’t be, ever).

We plan to make things free online.

“Everything on free internet should also be free” Users believer.

Please keep in mind that we don’t support Piracy of any size, shape and form, by any means imaginable.

Note: Our efforts are quite new and our resources are very limited therefore it might take a little time before any difference, of great magnitude is made.

*drought and water shortage are slightly more serious maybe. But, not according to the tech giants which literally rule the world; at least its economic side.

Dry land with cracks.

This surely is a bigger problem!

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