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What’s internet? A cloud? Nope.
It’s more like boxes and wires

While a cloud is mostly water, Internet is not.

Several blue and a red ethernet cables are connected to a device.

That’s how internet actually looks

Internet is supposed to provide information for free. But that’s not the case in real life.

A guy pressing a key, only left hand is shown.

And that’s a really BIG problem

And we want it solved. Don’t we?

If yes, can we?

And if we can, Why not?

If you think that some things should be free that aren’t then join the struggle.

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Please keep in mind that we don’t support Piracy of any size, shape and form, by any means imaginable.

Note: Our efforts are quite new and our resources are very limited therefore it might take a little time before any difference, of great magnitude is made.

Dry land with cracks.

On a side note: This surely is a bigger problem!

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