Download all PDF books for 3rd Year MBBS and study on-the-go.

2nd year was tough, but the 3rd is tougher. It won’t be… if you take a ride with me.

Congratulations! You are one of the few who have managed to survive through the first two years of medical school. But, don’t get your hopes high yet …because…

Pharmacology is coming.
Pathology too.
And don’t forget the annoyingly interesting sidekick “Forensic Medicine”.

You needn’t worry, because you’re neither the first nor the last ones.

Just head straight down and get everything you need because this time medical study won’t get away without a fight.


Pathology :

Forensic Medicine:

Note on F.M: Download these books if you want to ace the exams. To pass the exams, Excel review book and past papers of your institute would do the job.

“Download all the books and study On-The-Go during exam season (or any other season)”

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Titles marked with ‘*’ are best for last minute study during exams. They convey a lot of things in very little time.

Zahoor Ahmed

A med student currently studying medicine in Pakistan. An extrovert, frequently leave my comfort zone, prefer travelling miles away from home. I enjoy the company of computers and people. Keyboard is my best friend 😀
Zahoor Ahmed

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  1. Brother, I’m from Bangladesh. I really like your website, this is very helpful. Will you please upload Dr.been lectures videos like osmosis.
    Thank you, Allah Bless you…

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