After ‘Step 2 CK Lectures’ here comes another important video series for medical students and this time, like always, it’s free to download.

Just Scroll down and click the topics below:

Download Kaplan MTB2CK High Yield below:

  1. Allergies and Immunology
  2. Cardiology
  3. Dermatology
  4. Emergency Medicine
  5. Endocrine
  6. Ethics
  7. Gastroenterology
  8. Hematology
  9. Infectious diseases
  10. Nephrology
  11. Neurology
  12. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  13. Oncology
  14. Opthalmology
  15. Pediatrics
  16. Preventive Medicine
  17. Pulmonary
  18. Psychiatry
  19. Radiology
  20. Rheumatology
  21. Surgery
  22. ppt slides


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