Lecturio – Surgery | Premium Series | Download For Free | DEC 2019 |

Here you can download the “Lecturio Surgery” Videos For Free

No more words. Time for action.

Hey med students! Here is your new year’s gift from me.

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Lecturio Surgery by Kevin Pie M.D

Just Tap/Click on the titles below:

  1. General Surgery
  2. Surgery Trauma
  3. Critical Care
  4. Special Surgery


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10 thoughts on “Lecturio – Surgery | Premium Series | Download For Free | DEC 2019 |”

    1. Brother, I have never been happier in my life before. It really melts my heart to know that you were concerned about me. Thank you very much. Yes I am fine AlhamduLillah. I was away for a while because I was taking my exams of Final Year, therefore I was focused on my studies and really wanted to keep in touch with you by posting new material, I will soon be posting new stuff once I get a relief from exams. Thanks again brother. Take Care.

  1. sir, thanks for all the materials you have been posted. Knowing that you are prepaing for the final exam, just wish you all the best.
    and the Osmosis vides posts have been erased, could you reposts it when you have time. many thanks.
    wish you all the best, bro

  2. You have done excellent job providing lecture for free but unfortunately all content got removed
    sir can you please send me link of mega or Google drive for 1st year lecture video of lecturio

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