What’s included?

You got something on your mind and wish to let the others know about it, but not the social media way which is too amateur and common place? This is where we come to the rescue.

Here’s how you do it.

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P.S: Soon you will be receiving payments for your work.*

The Difference?

We do know about the existence of sites like Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest and the rest. So how does this service make a difference?

Well the problem is, wait a sec, thereĀ is NO problem at all with use of these sites. Actually, we believe that they are among the few nicest ( possibly ‘best’ ) things to happen to the internet. Furthermore, we also appreciate the use of such sites to promote content.

In fact, our marketing campaigns rely solely on the use of these platform to generate the traffic and spread our message (your’s too, if you are a part of us). Interestingly there are quite a lot of amateur writers, blogger who make their voices heard; presence felt, by these sites which shows how good they are.

However the major difference becomes clear when it comes to one of the basic trait of Humans: Thinking.

We believe (along with the a few other different minds like you) that the use of these sites as a primary platform for informing the masses has become so common place that the difference between Professionalism and Amateurishness has largely disappeared.

In other words, you can write as much posts about current world affairs as you like on facebook but you are no match for the nerd whose article was featured in TImes, Telegraph or Guardian; He is a pro and you are a social media activist i.e. an amatuer.


This is where we came and decided to provide a safe and unique platform for anyone who wished to become a professional without the expense of a single penny and introduced this program.

*conditions apply