Boards and Beyond | Step 2/3 | Video Lectures | Free Download | March 2023 |

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  1. Download the files (.rar)
  2. Install WinRar (or The Unarchiver) for PC, Android, MacOS/iOS by following this guide.
  3. Open/Extract the file using downloaded app.
  4. Otherwise use the Mega link at the bottom of the post

Note: Use “Winrar” to extract the files. Use VLC to play them.

Update Nov 2023: All “rar” files have been replaced with “zips”

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284 thoughts on “Boards and Beyond | Step 2/3 | Video Lectures | Free Download | March 2023 |”

  1. The behavioral science folder in mega link only has subtitles. Is it intended that way or are the videos and slides flagged for violation.
    Thank you so much for your. It’s been a tremendous help for me.

  2. Mega link stopped working downloaded the cardio vids and extracted them but the stemi vid isn’t on there can u pls help fix this problem

  3. The videos in the emergency medicine topic are not working. A few of them work but all of the trauma section isn’t working

  4. Thank you so much guys for your efforts. its really a boon .

    but Prepladder is not working can you please fix it.


  5. All links throwing worker exceptions. Any possibility of emailing me direct link to Infectious Disease and Musculoskeletal?

    • also there are some missing materials. like the endocrinology folder has only the thyroid part without the whole thing! please could you double check <3

  6. hey ,
    thank you so much for your efforts.
    the files arent opening after download.
    can you please check ?
    please give access to sketchy videos too .
    thank you

  7. “Sorry, this file cannot be extracted.” Then I only get a “Welcome to Mega” PDF when I click the lucky button.

  8. I cant thank you enough bro, I wish you the best ♥
    can you please add “Congenital Gastroenterology I” and “Congenital Gastroenterology II” to Pediatrics (other topics)?

  9. Can you please please please reupload the cardiology part of the boards and beyond step 2 and 3. I really need it bad. Please the mega link got taken down.

  10. Hi
    thank you for your effort
    can you please upload hematology slides ,
    i couldn’t find them and i couldn’t download them from original website
    Thank you

    • Hello.
      Thank you for taking the time to upload the Vids and the PDFs. These have been very very helpful.
      However, could you please put the PDF for the Behavioral Sciences chapter.
      Thank you again.

  11. Saito, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!! The Heme Onc slides are missing, pls help 🙁 where can i get them?? please upload them… thank YOU!!! 🙂

  12. I m looking for sketchy step 2 videos (Peds+ Obs-Gyn+ Surgery) .Doesn’t seem to find here. Anyone here that can help me with where to find them ?

  13. Thank you so much for sharing. I truly appreciate that. Btw, I don’t see PDF slide for Hematology and Behavior Science. Can you upload it again, please?

  14. hi there is a problem with BnB S2&3 Renal & Genitourinary.rar file
    the windows defender deletes the file due to susbected virus
    can u reupload plz

    all other files are fine

    thx in advance bro

  15. Hello Saito! Will you be reuploading the files soon for step 2/3? The “Bored?” folder shows no data 🙁
    Please and thank you for your help youre the best <3

  16. Thank you so much! You are doing a great service to all of us..keep up the good work!!
    Behavioral science videos are missing.Should have the complete set once it gets uploaded.

  17. Thank you so much for the Good work, I am now study IM so happy……can you please upload the remaining categories ? Gasteroenterology, Infectious Disease ?

  18. i have been looking for these everywhere, thank you so much. please dont forget to add more I will be grateful forever!

  19. Hi, can you please upload the rest of the videos? There are so many sections missing here. And next time, please try to include in your post that it is incomplete and there are other parts as well, otherwise it is a bit misleading to someone who doesn’t know.

    • It’s kind of rude when you criticise people even with out appreciating what they do. Please learn manners before becoming a doctor.

  20. thank you so much for these! you’re a life saver.
    could you upload the remaining videos, please? or at least the gastroenterology ones? thank you again!

  21. Mashallah Saito for everything that you do here. We all appreciate very deeply.

    Would it be possible to upload the remaining videos on Surgery and OBGYN? Thank you very much.

  22. Thank you so much brother. I don’t know how to thank you. May god bless you for the things you doing.
    Videos in the ones you uploaded are missing in Emergency medicine (videos of the category of “related videos) paediatric (‘’related videos” ), also in psychiatry in the category of related videos
    Could you please upload these videos and the remaining topics gastroenterology, anaesthesia and surgery, and obstetrics & gynaecology

  23. Happy New Year 2021.
    Thank you for uploading the BNB 2CK.
    Could you please upload the remaining slides.
    Also there seems to be the absence of Surgery and Anesthesia Chapters. –

    Thank you.

      • It was worth the wait.
        I am thankful with you uploading so many books videos you have uploaded this one as well.
        I do not want to sound unthankful.
        I kindly ask you to upload the Gastroenterology videos plus the remaining PDF slides when possible.
        Thank you so much once again for your hard work and for taking the time to put up with our demands.

      • Thank you for taking the time updating this Volume of Boards and Beyond Step 2 & 3.
        Because of you one can continue on prepping for exams and learning more with such vast amount of medical material.
        However, I would kindly request for the remaining PDF slides for Cardio, Neuro and Pulmonology as well as EM Medicine is missing 1 Chapter under Emergencies 4. Chest pain and Dyspnea.
        Thank you once again for your hard work.

      • Thank you once again for uploading the remaining PDF slides for Cardio, Neuro and for Pulmonology.
        I am very thankful that you have taken the time to upload these files.
        However, when possible I kindly request you to upload the one missing video under the Emergencies section – 4. Chest pain and Dyspnea.
        Thank you very much.

  24. Incredible Work Dear. Totally Outclass 🙂 One Kind Request Please Upload Physeo Complete Series Specially Pathology Needed on Urgent Basis…! May God Bless You!


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