Ultimate Collection of Medical Books | 5000 Books | Free Download | June 2021

Are you a bibliophile? Or you are the person who collects PDFs only to never open them again in their entire life? Well, I’m the latter.

Part 5 is the largest by storage. Dozens of PDFS are closer to 1000MBs in that folder.

#1 Most files don’t have descriptive names so you’d have to view the thumbnail or download the file to see the content.

#2 Each folder has around 1000 PDFs. There might be a couple of EPUBS.

The overall size: around 300 GB

#3 If Mega asks for a key, try refreshing your browser etc. There is no key.

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21 thoughts on “Ultimate Collection of Medical Books | 5000 Books | Free Download | June 2021”

  1. im looking for ” Solved Papers of Emergency Medicine for Postgraduate Students by Devendra Richhariya ” book pdf , kindly do the needful

  2. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Wondering if there will be an update to this massive collection of texts with newer versions since (as far as I can tell) the last uploads/updates were 2021? Thank you <3

  3. As salamu alaikum brother
    May Allah bless you.
    Can you please upload latest edition of Self assesment and review of Anatomy By Rajesh K kaushal.

  4. Hello Saito, incredible content !! But, in Part 1 there is some problem, you can see only 259 of 993 files. The ones that can’t see, are in “undecrypted” status, and you can’t download or view.


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