MedMastery | 55GBs of lifesaving stuff | Free Download | Feb 2023

Dopamine or Dobutamine? Is this ECG alright? Can you get this X-ray in color? There’s something wrong with this patient’s labs, and I can’t figure out what. How to do it properly? These are some of the questions we often want answers to during our clinical training, but don’t because we are either too ashamed … Read more

Medmastery Chest X-ray Essentials + Workshop | Free Download | April 2021

During rotations, sleep deprivation can cause some serious brain damage. So can chest radiographs. Luckily this thing can help you deal with one of them Bonus: During my first days in cardiology ward I always became nauseated at the sight of ECG until I found this. cARE? sHARE! SaitoGo offline and go alive. Life is … Read more

Medmastery Abdominal Ultrasound Essentials | Whole Thing | Free Download | February 2021 |

Remember your first portrait photo of your life? I don’t. And there’s plenty of good reasons not to. I wasn’t in a good shape. Dress was bad, in fact there was none. And to make the matter worse, the camera was worse than the worst camera I have ever (or never) seen in my life. … Read more

MedMastery ECG Master Class| Blue Belt + Black Belt Workshop | Free Download | December 2020 |

MedMastery ECG Bluebook free download 2020

Did you complete the Yellow one? Well, it’s time to level up. Just click the following to download: Yes! you lOVE iT. sHARE iT! Here is the yellow belt SaitoGo offline and go alive. Life is too precious to waste on Internet.

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