Free Download Dr Najeeb's Video Lecture

Dr Najeeb’s Video Lectures Collection | Free download | February 2021 | 85 GB |

Dr. Najeeb is a very dedicated man. I realized this after getting more than two dozens of cop**ight notices. And most of these notices were issued even after my file hosting sites’ accounts had already been blocked upon his company’s complaint. But my respect for Dr. Najeeb has grown even Read more…

Free Download Prepladder Notes 2020

PrepLadder Notes | Free Download | February 2020 |

Almost anyone has these notes. It’d be way better if everyone had these notes. To the prepladder guys: Seriously? Even my nephew’s doodles look better than this. Alright , download below: Anaesthesia Prepladder 2020 Anatomy Prepladder 2020 Biochemistry Prepladder 2020 Dermatology Prepladder 2020 Emergency Medicine Prepladder 2020 ENT Prepladder 2020 Read more…

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