Made Ridiculously Simple | Whole Series | Free Download | October 2020 |

So the standard medical textbooks leave a mark on your head? I mean the ones you get after prolonged scratching aka literal ones? (Most of us have those, don’t worry) If yes then this is the right place for you.

All the books in this list can turn a two year old into a highly skilled and well learned medical academic (if not professional).

If you have any doubt in my previous statement then feel free to validate its authenticity: you’ll need a toddler who can read, write and remember actual English words not some ‘doo doo da da’ gibberish.

While some of you might get busy finding the toddler others may just go ahead and download the following books:

  1. Acid-base fluids and electrolytes MRS
  2. Acute Renal Insufficiency MRS
  3. Clinical Anatomy MRS
  4. Clinical Biochemistry MRS
  5. Clinical Microbiology MRS
  6. Clinical Neuroanatomy MRS
  7. Clinical Pharmacology MRS
  8. Clinical Physiology MRS
  9. Clinical Radiology MRS

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