Medicosis Perfectionalis | Antibiotics Course | Free Download | January 2021 |

“Antibiotics”… Well one thing is clear: Bugs hate them … so do I (they mess up my taste buds)

And rest of the things, which are not clear and need clearing, would be cleared by the end of this course hopefully.

So no more messing and clear below:


30 thoughts on “Medicosis Perfectionalis | Antibiotics Course | Free Download | January 2021 |”

  1. Dr.Saito
    I know your doing a tough job for uploading courses. I have a request to upload marrow and prepladder courses so that medicos like me can take advantage to prepare for USMLE,NEET PG etc exams

    • Yes. I plan to do that but there are some issues causing delay in my plans (storage and time). I have started to fix’ em. And I hope to continue with my plans soon inahaAllah

      • Bro are you really going to share marrow latest material because they have very tight legal issues i suggest not to do


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