Pixorize – 5 in 1 | Neuroanatomy | Biochemistry | Immunology | Microbiology | Pharmacology | Free Download | January 2021 |

Download the Pixorize Neuroanatomy, Biochem, Pharma, Micro and Immuno below:

Update July 2021:

1. Pix Neuro has been added.

2. Pix Micro has been updated.

Update August 2021:

1. Pix Micro Updates Added

2. Pix Neuro Updates Added

Update September 2021:

1. Migraine Headache Added

2. Leukemias and Lymphomas added


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65 thoughts on “Pixorize – 5 in 1 | Neuroanatomy | Biochemistry | Immunology | Microbiology | Pharmacology | Free Download | January 2021 |”

  1. Thank you so much for the videos it is really helpful. Is there a chance you could add Finasteride in the pharmacology section? thank you.

  2. Hi, the videos in Pixorize Biochemistry are in “mkv”. And I cannot access them. Is there a way I can access the “mp4” version, or a google drive? 😀

  3. Good Morning Sir,

    I appreciate what you’re doing for the community. Under the microbiology section > Bacteria, can the videos on Viridans Streptococci and Eterococcus be added please? Thank you.

  4. Neuroanatomy August update link is down.

    Biochemistry metabolic disorders is missing homocystinuria, proprionic acidemia, systemic primary carnitine deficiency, and G6PD deficiency.


  5. Please update biochemistry videos. These are incomplete, especially in biochemical pathways and vasculitides. Thank you for sharing!

  6. hi
    the links for pixorize pharmacology are no longer working, will they be reuploaded, please let me know. thank you so much

  7. I am so grateful especially with the update on the missing videos but there is no Theophylline and M3 video receptors here. I think those are the ones missing from Pix Pharm

    • For Biochemiistry,
      – Biochem Pathways: HMP Shunt (Pentose Phosphate Pathway), Propionic Acid Pathway
      – Metab DOs: G6pd def, Homocysteinuria, Propionic acidemia, Systemic Primary Carnitine Def
      – Toxicology: CO Poisoning, Amanita Phalloides
      – Vasculitides: Kawasaki Dx and
      – Misc: Osteosarcoma

  8. sorry for troubling you. just wanting to say that pixorize yandex’s file is down, because violation of terms. i opened a few hours ago in it works just fine :’
    please help and thank you man.

  9. Bro you are awesome you uploaded almost everything can u please upload more medicosis perfictionalis i knew it from your blog and it is really unique

  10. Please the videos dont seem to be opening from the link can you please help on how to get the videos?

    yadi.sk dos not seem to be working


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