Extremely Good NEWS.

All links were taken down

GREAT NEWS: They are all back.

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183 thoughts on “Extremely Good NEWS.”

  1. sir ,please make doom for pc alive again , its down . thank you , hi if anyone have saved b2b backto basics , pls kindly notify here, i want some subjects , thanks

  2. Saito please share a mega link of all existing lectures of Prepladder with 4.0+5.0 and rapid Revision also and update it on your website home page as extra staff section of web no longer assesable anymore. KINDLY LOOK INTO THIS ISSUE WITH UTMOST PRIORITY.PLEASE .

  3. Could you please give me your telegram group link where all the videos are uploaded it’s not showing on my telegram please help me with pathology videos of prepladder Dr Preeti Sharma ma’am please

  4. Hello, can you upload Prep Rapid Revision 4.0 Video on telegram channel ? it will be great help as exam is approaching near. Plz plZ …

  5. Brother saito,all links are broken , snake and ladder, tutankhamun, dooms, unacad live , Rajiv Dhawan ent and several other links are broken brother, please help us out ,my humble request to you can you share it to us via any other means other than mega and if is possible narrow videos too brother please brother

  6. Please reupload the prepladder link if possible. And maybe use the shared google drives(The way repackers use to upload their gaming repacks so that the limited storage of google drive isnt a problem.

  7. Prepladder links are gone.
    And those who’ve got them are selling the videos for money.
    So, plz reupload so that everyone gets it for free.

  8. Thanks bro, especially the yandex disk links are dead. Please upload on mega. Please upload pathology videos on mega please , Thank you

  9. You guys are amazing! I have no words to say thank for your work!! please, check the pixorize videos (pharm) those links are down.

    Thank you bro!!

  10. bro you are like a robinhood for students like us bro. whatever be the circumstances we will stand with you. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.


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