NinjaNerd | Notes + Illustrations | Free Download | Jan 2024

Neither am I a ninja nor have I ever been a nerd. But this much I can tell you that there’s no nerd who’s a ninja and no ninja was ever a nerd.

Got it? No? Try again.

The only Ninja I know are totally friendly, non-violent, fun loving, family people from a game called Mortal Kombat. Again, NINJA = Not a Nerd.

WARNING⚠️: These are not the guides to master ninja techniques. Proceed at your own risk

So my Nerds. Time to be a Noninja. I mean Ninja.

UPDATE JAN 2024: All notes have been updated, and I’ve decided to come out … as a samurai.

Share If You Are A Real Ninja. Don’t, if you’re just a nerd.

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114 thoughts on “NinjaNerd | Notes + Illustrations | Free Download | Jan 2024”

  1. hey saito please upload notes and illustration of new antibiotics video and also those of special sense, please make it happen fast

  2. hello. can you upload please the notes for Cushing’s Syndrome? it’s not in the endocrine pathology category. thank you!


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