NinjaNerd | Notes + Illustrations | Free Download | Jan 2024

Neither am I a ninja nor have I ever been a nerd. But this much I can tell you that there’s no nerd who’s a ninja and no ninja was ever a nerd. Got it? No? Try again. The only Ninja I know are totally friendly, non-violent, fun loving, family people from a game called … Read more

P!xorize 2023 Complete | Free Download | Nov 2023

If a memory competition were held someday, then I’d definitely be the winner without any competition… in the category of Guy with Shortest Memory Span. The sad thing is that I’m not even kidding 😔

BnB Wards aka Clinical Confidence | Boards and Beyond 2023| Free Download | November 2023

Now you don’t have to kiss anyone’s boots throughout your internship or residency training to learn every day simple things in ward. All files are in .zip format. Use google to find out how to open Zip files.For an easier way, pack your bags and explore the wilderness. I’ll join ya. Download Now: Feels good … Read more

MedMastery | 55GBs of lifesaving stuff | Free Download | Feb 2023

Dopamine or Dobutamine? Is this ECG alright? Can you get this X-ray in color? There’s something wrong with this patient’s labs, and I can’t figure out what. How to do it properly? These are some of the questions we often want answers to during our clinical training, but don’t because we are either too ashamed … Read more

Echo and Ultrasound Courses | 124Fonography + GulfCost ObGyn + The Echo Manual | Free Download | Feb 2023

I’m not in the mood to write humor today, maybe next time. Meanwhile, enjoy spending the rest of your life on a black and white old school TV while we have fun with our 4K screens. To whom it may concern: There’s nothing wrong with my “3” and “S” key. 😉

Surgical Video Articles | JOMI Video Journal | Peer Reviewed | Free Download | Jan 2023

Wanna give a gift to someone precious from the Surgery department? Well, I can’t think of a better one than this page. Who’s this for? Students, Interns, Externs, Clinical Observers, Residents & Experienced Surgeons, etc. This stuff is peer-reviewed. To know more about this journal, click official website Download the videos below:

Becker USMLE Step 1 2017 Videos | Free Download | 8 Subjects | 2022

Finally, against all odds, with death on my trail, surrounded by sorrow, grief and loss, with remorse in my heart, I fought my way through the dark and evil shadows of Middle Earth, killing countless Orcs, after painting the rivers red with their blood, I was able to lift my laaazy ass and share this, … Read more

AMC – Australian Medical Council Exams | Guide + PDF Books + Recalls Upto July 2022 | Free Download | Aug 2022

If you know PLAB, USMLE and … uhmmm. Well if you know two, it never hurts to know about a third one. Please spare me some keystrokes and hit the buttons below: AMC Recalls 2018 – 2022 Rar Password: This was donated by a nice and generous anonymous donor. ❤️ How to open RAR/ZIP … Read more

CURRENT 2022 Medical Diagnosis & Treatment PDF | CMDT 2022 PDF | Free Download | March 2022

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, intern, PG trainee or an experienced practitioner, you’ll find this useful in all situations. If you think you don’t need it then think again; you aren’t thinking clear. It’s already available all over the internet but it didn’t hurt a bit to post it here. File Size: 56 MB I … Read more

First Aid 2022 For USMLE Step 1 PDF | Clean – Without Watermarks| First Aid 2022 PDF | Free Download

This was high in demand since last December. And thanks to some hardworking people working in the shadows it’s finally available to download for free. There are two versions available to download with variable file size but same quality. For previous version PDFs and First Aid USMLE-Rx Videos click here Share

BoardsMD | Videos + Notes | Free Download | March 2022

Whether it’s your assessment exams or board exams like USMLE etc. You’ll always find these useful. These are similar to B&B but different. Total Size: 3.13 GB Download Below: Donated by a nice and generous anonymous donor

Audiolearn Crash Courses + Bonus | Ultimate Collection of Audiobooks | Free Download | December 2021 |

Only proceed below if you own a pair of ears and earphones. So you’re behind a steering wheel, on a passenger seat, in a bus or that old boring med school’s classroom where you’re being taught in a language which has been dead for more than 3 centuries, and the words sound as gibberish and … Read more

Osmosis Histology | EXCLUSIVE | Complete Video Series | Free Download | August 2021 |

Osmosis Histology Videos Free Download January 2021

Every weekend goes nice and smooth until Monday arrives. Well not this Monday. Have a happy Monday. “Now let’s get a closer look” (Don’t worry you’ll get it) Hit the download button below: Update Aug 2021: 22 new videos have been added. Total Videos Now: 44 Yes you lOVE iT. Now please ? sHARE iT!

MASTER CRITICAL CARE with LUIS VERDUZCO | ICU Course | drbeen premium module | Free Download | June 2021

Table of Contents: Management of Brain Trauma (Part 1) Management of Brain Trauma (Part 2) Hyperkalemia and its Management Management and Diagnosis of Sepsis and Septic Shock Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyponatremia Cardiac Drugs: Inotropes, Vasopressors, and Vasodilators PA Catheter Perioperative Cardiac Complications Sedation and Analgesia Medical Fallacies Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease … Read more

BATES’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination 12th Edition | Textbook PDF + 2014s Videos | Free Download | May 2021

Can’t tell if it’s a liver or a spleen? You really need to work on your bedsides. And that was a giant potato ? the patient ate for their lunch. Don’t trust me? Try this video series and textbook to see through your patients’ illnesses, not just their pockets. Use VLC Media Player Fact: You … Read more

Boards and Beyond | Step 2/3 | Video Lectures | Free Download | March 2023 |

Boards and Beyond Step 2 CK videos free download

Just click the buttons below to download bnb step 2 ck videos: HOW TO OPEN: Note: Use “Winrar” to extract the files. Use VLC to play them. Update Nov 2023: All “rar” files have been replaced with “zips”

Kaplan – Obstetrics | USMLE | Step 2 CK | PDF + Video Lectures | Free Download | FIXED MARCH 2021

Kaplan Obstetrics Video Lectures Free download

Ever delivered a baby? Me neither. Just click on the chapters below to download:

Kaplan – Gynecology | USMLE | Step 2 CK | PDF + Video Lectures | Free Download | FIXED MARCH 2021

Kaplan Gynecology Video Lectures Free Download

Interested in Gynecology? or just trying to pass the exam? Well this indispensable resource is the answer. Download the complete video lectures Gynecology for step 2 CK by Kaplan for free now. Download Below

Medmastery Abdominal Ultrasound Essentials | Whole Thing | Free Download | February 2021 |

Remember your first portrait photo of your life? I don’t. And there’s plenty of good reasons not to. I wasn’t in a good shape. Dress was bad, in fact there was none. And to make the matter worse, the camera was worse than the worst camera I have ever (or never) seen in my life. … Read more

Downloading via Mega Made Extremely Easy | | | Tutorial | February 2021 |

Just a quick and to the point tutorial to download all-kind and all-size files from Mega to your Laptop Create a free mega account Login to your account on your browser Open the link for the files you want to download Don’t download the files yet Select “Import to cloud” option instead and import the … Read more

Doctors in Training | Step 1 & 2 | Free Download | January 2021 |

Doctors In Training Step 1 & 2 videos free download

Some of you already have this. It’s time all of you had this. Tip #1: Always print the PDFs/guidebooks for these courses to get most out of ’em. Tip #2: Don’t be lazy. Enjoy and Share

Medicosis Perfectionalis | Acid Base Disorders | Electrolytes | Antibiotics | Cardiac + ANS + CNS Pharmacology | Videos + PDFs| Free Download | January 2021 |

Medicosis Perfectionalis Cardiac Pharmacoology Free Download

Note: All the files are compressed in RAR format. IMPORTANT: OPEN THE FILES ONLY USING “RAR” android app or “WinRAR” PC app. And VLC etc. to play the videos. Update 3rd Jan 2022: All links fixed.

Draw it to know it – Biochemistry | Free Download | January 2021 |

Draw it to know it biochemistry free download january 2021

Yes you loved the Anatomy and Physiology And now it’s time you loved Biochemistry. Just click the download button below and have a happier new year. The first week of 2021 is going to be the happiest week of your life. Just keep checking and sharing the site regularly. cARE? SHare!

MedMastery ECG Master Class| Blue Belt + Black Belt Workshop | Free Download | December 2020 |

MedMastery ECG Bluebook free download 2020

Did you complete the Yellow one? Well, it’s time to level up. Just click the following to download: Yes! you lOVE iT. sHARE iT! Here is the yellow belt

Kaplan – Surgery | USMLE | Step 2 CK | PDF + Video Lectures | Free Download | 2020

Kaplan usmle s2cK Surgery PDF and Video Lecutres Free Download

After Medicine, Pediatrics, Gyne & Obs here comes the Surgery Lecture videos by Kaplan. You can download the whole series below. Click on the chapters to download: Chapter 1 – 4 Chapter 5 – 8 Chapter 9 – 13 Click here to download Kaplan S2CK Surgery Lecture Notes PDF

Draw it to Know it – Physiology | Organ Systems | Free Download | Dec 2020

Free download ditki organ systems dec 2020

Loved the tasty Anatomy? Try some delicious Physiology. Just click on the systems below to download: Cellular Physiology Cardiovascular System Respiratory System Gastrointestinal System Renal System Endocrine System Reproductive System Musculoskeletal System Neruoscience

Osmosis High-Yield Notes PDF | Pathology | Free Download | Dec 2020 |

Osmosis High Yield Pathology Notes Free download

Bored of regular pathology review books? Well try this. You surely loved the videos. You are gonna love these notes too. Click on the topics to download: Update 15 Dec 2020: All files added. List is complete now. Update Jan 2021: Volume 1 and Volume 2 PDFs have been uploaded. (However, TOC is unavailable so … Read more

Kaplan – Video Lectures | Step 1 | 2019 | Free Download | Dec 2020 | ~60gb

Usmle 2019 step 1 video lectures free download

Been waiting for this one too? Well, wait no more. Download Below Download the Lecture Notes 2019 PDFs HERE if you haven’t already lOVE it? Yes you do. sHARE it! Yes you do!

MedQuest Internal Medicine 2014 | Free Download | November 2020

No any description needed for this one. Just scroll below and watch/download the whole series. Cardiology Dermotology Endocrinology Gastroenterology General Internal Medicine Hematology and Oncology Infectious Disease Nephrology Neurology Pulmonary Critical Care Rheumatology Statistics, Preventive Medicine and Ethics Guidebooks

Osmosis Prime USMLE Step 1 Path Review | Complete | EXCLUSIVE | Free Download | November 2020

Free download Osmosis Prime Step 1 Path Review CVS for free now

Now that’s something you don’t get for free anywhere other than High Yield: Cardiovascular System High Yield: Gastrointestinal System High Yield: Nephrology High Yield: Neurology High Yield: Endocrinology High Yield: Hematology High Yield: Musculoskeletal System High Yield: Reproductive System High Yield: Respiratory System

Kaplan Step 1 Lecture Notes 2019 PDF | USMLE | Complete Series | Download for free | Updated NOV 2020 |

Free download USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes PDF Free Download 2019

Just click/tap on the subjects below and have the book available to you in no time!

Kaplan High Yield | USMLE | Step 1 Videos + PDFs | Free Download 2020 |

Kaplan High Yield USMLE Step 1 Video Lectures Free Download

After so frequent requests, it’s finally here.Now download one of the most wanted series for preparation of USMLE Step 1 Exams by Kaplan Medical completely free. Download for free below Just scroll down, share this post and start downloading the whole series. CARE? SHARE!

Medmastery ECG Masterclass | Easiest ECG tutorial | Free Download | November 2020 |

MedMastery ECG Yellow belt complete course free download

I always believed I was dyslexic to ECGs, but not anymore. This simple tutorial by Medmastery will surely kick your ECGphobia out of the nearest window. Or into the trashcan if there are no windows around. This series is literally a life saver. (Personal experience)

Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1 | Udemy Course | Free Download |

Free digial photography course download

We all have hobbies. Is photography yours? Become pro photographer – Understand camera gear, lighting + composition, portrait, stock photography sell photo online Official course description on Udemy Well this course is intended to all the newbies who have no prior experience in photography. Two reasons for that:1.Because knowledge/information doesn’t hurt anyone (maybe) and this … Read more

My Friend Pedro | Free Download | PC | November 2020 |

Free download my friend pedro for pc

Download My Friend Pedro at the end of this article. We, med students, love need to study and work hard, because there’s no other choice. And, sometimes, that much amount of cramming and everything can make your eyes, ears and brain hurt which, in fact, is annoying. My Friend Pedro is a game released about … Read more

Audiolearn Internal Medicine Crash Course | Free Download | Oct 2020 |

Too lazy to pick up your books? Pick headphones instead. Just scroll down and voila! a surprise might be waiting for you. Now you can study while traveling, resting and sleeping (not sure about this one) because it’s Audio and it’s also Learn ( got the point right? ).

USMLE-Rx Qbanks from 2014 to 2019 | Free Download | October 2020 |

USMLE -RX Qbank latest free download

Your appetite for free Qbanks from premium sources not satisfied yet? Try this. Just select the Qbanks from USMLE-Rx that you want to download now, without any redirects at all, in PDF Format: Bonus: Stuff stays in memory for longer duration of time if you share posts of this website on social media platforms. Skeptical … Read more

Audiolearn Human Physiology Crash Course | Free Download | Oct 2020 |

Audiolearn Human Physiology Crash Course Free Download

Too lazy to pick up your books? Pick headphones instead. Just scroll down and voila! a surprise might be waiting for you. Now you can study while traveling, resting and sleeping (not sure about this one) because it’s Audio and it’s also Learn ( got the point right? ). Feed your brain through your ears … Read more

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 20th edition Complete (Volume 1 & 2) + 21st Edition PDF free download

Free download Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 20th ed full book pdf free download

So the latest edition e-book format is Harrison’s Internal Medicine is now available here to download for free The whole book is a single file now which you can download on your phone,tablet or pc and get going with the study/practice of medicine. Fact: This book contains magical stuff that can be unlocked only after … Read more

Biology at a Glance, 3rd Edition PDF free download

Biology at a Glance 3rd edition pdf download for free

Having trouble with fundamental concepts of biology? If yes then ditch those standard biology textbooks and try this thing; you won’t be yawning to sleep in Biology class again. If I had this book in my high school/premeds things in the med school would have been a lot easier. This book will definitely get … Read more

Audiolearn Pharmacology Crash Course | Free Download | Oct 2020 |

Free Download Audiolean Pharmacology Crash Course

Too lazy to pick up your books? Pick headphones instead. Just scroll down and voila! a surprise might be waiting for you. Now you can study while traveling, resting and sleeping (not sure about this one) because it’s Audio and it’s also Learn ( got the point right? ). Don’t let the drugs ditch your … Read more

Kaplan – Video Lectures | Step 1 | USMLE | 2010 + 2014 Classroom Anywhere | Complete Series | 50GBs Free Download |

Free Download Kaplan USMLE Step 1 USMLE video lectures

Finally 50GBs of Kaplan Step 1 is available to download for free. Just like always: no more blah blah and just click on the subjects below to begin downloading or watching the videos without any cost. Update October 18: Pharmacology complete section has been added to the list. Download Below: Here is a newer version … Read more

Kaplan High Yield – Master the Boards | Step 2 CK | USMLE | Latest PDF + Complete Video Series Free Download

Download Kaplan USMLE mtb high yield step 2 ck videos free download

After ‘Step 2 CK Lectures’ here comes another important video series for medical students and this time, like always, it’s free to download. Use this video series with Kaplan MTB Step 2 CK book, the latest version is 6th Ed. But at the time of release of these videos the version was 2nd/3rd Ed. Download … Read more

Kaplan – Internal Medicine Lecture Notes PDF | USMLE Step 2 CK | Free Download |

Download Kaplan’s STEP 2 CK Lecture Notes Internal Medicine latest pdf FOR FREE Click Here to Download the PDF (you can also read it online) So what does it offer? The official Kaplan Lecture Notes for USMLE Step 2 CK cover the comprehensive information you need to ace the USMLE Step 2 and match into … Read more

3D Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body for Android [cracked] free download |MAY 2020|

So you are that student who has no idea what happens around then in Anatomy class? Tired of scratching your head? Then this is for you. It’s time to say goodbye to old atlas textbooks and catch up with the rest of the world. Click Here to Download this app. Love my work? Show me … Read more

MBBS | 3rd Year | Download all books for free |

2nd year was tough, but the 3rd is tougher. It won’t be… if you take a ride with me. Congratulations! You are one of the few who have managed to survive through the first two years of medical school. But, don’t get your hopes high yet …because… Pharmacology is coming. Pathology too. And don’t forget … Read more

Pathoma Video Series (Complete and New) Download | (Re)Updated 20th May 2020 |

New Premium Video Lectures of Pathology are now available here for free. Click the Chapter titles below to watch/download them for free: Chapter 1: Growth Adaptations, Cellular Injury, and Cell Death — Chapter 2: Inflammation, Inflammatory Disorder, and Healing— Chapter 3: Principles of Neoplasia— Chapter 4: Hemostasis and Related Disorders— Chapter 5: RBC Disorders— Chapter 6: WBC Disorders— Chapter 7: Vascular … Read more

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