Medical 2023 | Videos + Notes | Free Download | Dec 2023

Neither everything old is gold, nor are all Mondays bad (except the ones post 24-hour shift)

Here comes a new thing which is gold, on a Monday, that is good… maybe.

Did you like B&B? Well… you’re gonna LOVE this one.



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19 thoughts on “ Medical 2023 | Videos + Notes | Free Download | Dec 2023”

  1. Hi – Board style question videos are missing from Hemo in both Embryology and Blood cells topic. Please update? Thank you.

  2. Thanks a lot for these resources!

    Suggestion, have you ever thought of trying torrent links for the really big courses?

  3. Hi there bro, it keep giving me problmes form some reason. Others courses don’t give these problems. it keep saying “error, try later” and I’ve changed 3 browsers. is there any solution? or maybe upload this to a different place?
    thanks man!


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