Boards and Beyond | Step 1 | 2022 Edition | Videos | Free Download | March 2023

How to Open:

  1. Download the files (.rar)
  2. Install WinRar (or The Unarchiver) for PC, Android, MacOS/iOS by following this guide
  3. Open/Extract the file using downloaded app.
  4. Otherwise use the Mega link at the bottom of the post

Download Below:

UPDATE Nov 2023: All “rar” files have been replaced with “zip” files.

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308 thoughts on “Boards and Beyond | Step 1 | 2022 Edition | Videos | Free Download | March 2023”

  1. hello saito
    sp grateful to u for providing all this and fixing the links again and again.
    Also please check into biochem portion of bnb step1. some folders are empty.

  2. Hi Saito, I’ve been checking this page like three times a day and I am so grateful you put in the time to fix it. I hope you realize how much this means to us!

    • I think I might cry. I accidentally hit download on the file and exceeded transfer quota. I have an exam in a few hours and thought I was screwed but then I saw that you already provided a solution with WARP. Genuinely (I really mean this SO GENUINELY) may Allah bless you and protect you and give you everything you want in this world and the next.

  3. Something happened to you Bnb link and its not working ..It says file cannnot be download and error has occured ..plzz plzzz plzzz plzzz help.

  4. Megalinks quota exceed is not resolving download stopping again and again after 4-5 gb download…..How to fix that?

  5. In Neurology>Autonomic Nervous System (MEGA), subs and slides for both drugs videos are missing. Can you please look into it.

  6. a large number of videos has been converted into atf files and that includes BNBs videos of step 1 and that I hope you will fix it

  7. Bro, I find that there is some subtitle missing in Pulmonary and Neurology – I think that is about Pulmonary Function Tests, Pulmonary Circulation and ANS Drugs (both) – can you fix that? pls

  8. Hey Saito… the Sketchy videos on the prepladder site were removed from Mega or the link is not working. 🙁
    Thank you for getting me through my medical school career – I could never afford it without you!

  9. Jazakallah khayr bro these videos are super beneficial cant thank you enough !!! May Allah swt make this world and hereafter easy for you!

  10. Even after removing “.zip” there is still a message about not being able to view the videos due to some terms and conditions. I was halfway done downloading the videos and would really like to finish. I am able to access the PDFs but not the videos. This is the same thing for the BnB step 2 videos.

  11. Hey admin, Can you please upload the videos as all the folders are empty and I couldn’t find any of the videos there.

  12. The renal file isn’t working. I tried to download pulmonology file , it’s not working either can you check.

  13. can somebody please explain how to download the videos. When i clicked on the bayfile download. it is not downloading in videos.

  14. bro thank you for your amzing work. but the file is not playing in VLC player when i download it. would it be possible to download it in other form?

  15. Thank you Saito for the generous offer. May you please upload the pdf booklets that accompany every module, preferably the 6 sides/page pdf?


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