Boards and Beyond | Step 1 | 2020 Edition | Videos | Free Download | May 2021

This is the Smurf’s version of BnB Step 1 video series.

‘Smurf’s” is just a fancy word for sth that’s mostly blue.

Update June: Goodbye Bayfiles πŸ‘‹ . Shove all those ads up your ***.

Eat. Sleep. Share. Repeat

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39 thoughts on “Boards and Beyond | Step 1 | 2020 Edition | Videos | Free Download | May 2021”

  1. Hey admin, Can you please upload the videos as all the folders are empty and I couldn’t find any of the videos there.

  2. The renal file isn’t working. I tried to download pulmonology file , it’s not working either can you check.

  3. can somebody please explain how to download the videos. When i clicked on the bayfile download. it is not downloading in videos.

  4. bro thank you for your amzing work. but the file is not playing in VLC player when i download it. would it be possible to download it in other form?

  5. Thank you Saito for the generous offer. May you please upload the pdf booklets that accompany every module, preferably the 6 sides/page pdf?


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