Kaplan – Video Lectures | Step 1 | 2019 | Free Download | Dec 2020 | ~60gb

Been waiting for this one too? Well, wait no more.

Just click the topics below to download:

Download the Lecture Notes 2019 PDFs HERE if you haven’t already

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26 thoughts on “Kaplan – Video Lectures | Step 1 | 2019 | Free Download | Dec 2020 | ~60gb”

  1. will these files be removed by copyright issues later coz i need them for later but dont have enough sapce nd data rn to download
    hope u answer it thankyou

  2. Please help as I’m abit confused
    This is all adding up to 34 GB and not 60 GB. Does that mean these lectures are incomplete?
    Also what does ATF stand for?

  3. saito can you upload the liks again ?? please i neeed them 🙁 are you going to upload them anywhere else can you tell me ?

  4. first thank u soo much for everything u are doing…….

    i have a request that if possible plz upload the latest video series of ( microbiology) because i think these video series are very old ….. like the immunology series u uploaded is new…..so plz try ur best ….


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