Kaplan High Yield – Master the Boards | Step 2 CK | USMLE | Complete Video Series Free Download

After ‘Step 2 CK Lectures’ here comes another important video series for medical students and this time, like always, it’s free to download.

Just Scroll down and click the topics below:

Download Kaplan MTB2CK High Yield below:


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24 thoughts on “Kaplan High Yield – Master the Boards | Step 2 CK | USMLE | Complete Video Series Free Download”

  1. Thanks! can you write from which year are the videos? I saw that DIT are only 2015 which is not that up to date so searching for something more up to date for step 2

  2. the link is not working, can anyone who have downloaded it before it is taken down send me a link to download it again?

  3. Thanks again this means a lot. Please if you can do drop an email when you upload new lectures. I have to download it before it is taken down 😀 Thanks again. Keep doing good works!!

  4. Thaaank you so much these resources are so helpful can’t thank you enough for your hardwork and genorosity. Could you plz include boards and beyond videos for step 2&3


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