Osmosis – Anatomy | Videos | EXCLUSIVE | Free Download | March 2021 |

Lately, I have been a little busy.

This is why:


19 thoughts on “Osmosis – Anatomy | Videos | EXCLUSIVE | Free Download | March 2021 |”

  1. Hi Brother! Thank you so much for this, really appreciate it . I would like to point out some missing videos , hope you can add them soon!

    1)Introduction to the skeletal system
    2)Anatomy clinical correlates: Breast
    3)Anatomy of the abdominal viscera: Esophagus and stomach
    4)Anatomy of the abdominal viscera: Pancreas and spleen
    5)Joints of the vertebral column
    6)Anatomy of the pectoral and scapular regions
    7)Superficial structures of the neck: Anterior triangle

    Thank you for all you do! Have a great day!

  2. Hey man thank you so much!! May Allah ease your struggles!! and hey is there any chance we can get ftp lectures what do you think they look cool you can check them out

  3. Brother, Thank you very much for all you’ve done so far, I’m begging you please upload Osmosis Prime Complete Physiology series, please


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