Osmosis Histology | EXCLUSIVE | Complete Video Series | Free Download | August 2021 |

Every weekend goes nice and smooth until Monday arrives. Well not this Monday.

Have a happy Monday.

“Now let’s get a closer look” (Don’t worry you’ll get it)

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Update Aug 2021: 22 new videos have been added. Total Videos Now: 44

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29 thoughts on “Osmosis Histology | EXCLUSIVE | Complete Video Series | Free Download | August 2021 |”

  1. Hey. I think after todays update you have added wrong videos in the osmosis histology part. Can you please check

  2. Hey thank You very much for everything man love your work .. but Yesterday I downloaded the osmosis histology videos and the videos where corrupt

  3. bro i need your help
    I have enrolled in an offline course and i want to download the videos so i can share them with others but internet download manager reads them as multiple tiny TS files not a single one
    Any help ??

  4. Okay I enter each subject-although i don’t want to study it- just to laugh at the captions you write
    you are amazing, kind, smart and humorous. God bless you

  5. Hi, I’m looking for Sketchy Pharma and Micro (I had 80 of the micro videos (i need just the parasites part) and 70 of pharm) I can share them with u if u want

  6. OMG sir you are our hero and saviour that is mind blowing ??????. Thank you sooo much sir. Words couldn’t describe your affords. There is a book called exam preparatory manual for medicine 2 edition if you can upload that book also plzzzzzz. ????


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