Physeo | 2021 | Video Lectures | Free Download | April 2021 |

Something is better than nothing therefore Some Physeo is better than No Physeo.

You got the point, right?

If “Yes” then download the Physeo below and if “No” then downloading the Physeo below might help

Download Physeo:

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29 thoughts on “Physeo | 2021 | Video Lectures | Free Download | April 2021 |”

  1. Cardiology ATF : Section IV – Pressure-Volume Loops.mp4 after 26:25 the audio cuts off – also gives an error message :(((. Are you able to fix this by chance? Thank you for this wonderful resource

  2. Thank you sir for the great material, I have been checking this page daily waiting for the Embryology lectures. Please upload em asap

    Big thanks


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