We all have hobbies. Is photography yours?

Become pro photographer – Understand camera gear, lighting + composition, portrait, stock photography sell photo online

Official course description on Udemy

Who is this course for?

Well this course is intended to all the newbies who have no prior experience in photography.

Why should I watch it?

Two reasons for that:
1.Because knowledge/information doesn’t hurt anyone (maybe) and this one surely won’t.
2. It’s free to download and watch. By the way Udemy is asking 12$ for it.

So interested?

Then hit the button below:

PS: The narrator in the course tries too hard to imitate American accent. Please forgive him… if you can. 😉



A Med School survivor. Made it through terrible tests, fatal exams, dreadful vivas, clueless OSCEs and currently surviving hospital rotations. Brain function drops to 0.2% during rounds but still able to maintain my sanity. I am the real deal, "Z A" was just a placeholder.


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