Audiolearn Crash Courses + Bonus | Ultimate Collection of Audiobooks | Free Download | December 2021 |

Only proceed below if you own a pair of ears and earphones.

So you’re behind a steering wheel, on a passenger seat, in a bus or that old boring med school’s classroom where you’re being taught in a language which has been dead for more than 3 centuries, and the words sound as gibberish and full of crap as Harry Potter’s spells… Or you’re too introverted to make new friends, what’d you do?
Well you take your earphones out, put them into your ears and listen to either a desperate, hyper-sexual waste of space junkie – who calls him/herself an artist, chanting about nothing but genitals and intercourse in a filthy context and a melodious tone Or … you can listen to something a little useful which might help you save a life someday.

I’d choose the latter and play one of these:

Memorizing Pharmacology by Tony Guerra

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24 thoughts on “Audiolearn Crash Courses + Bonus | Ultimate Collection of Audiobooks | Free Download | December 2021 |”

  1. Any chance you have a link for the pdf/Kindle/ebook versions of the Tony Guerra Memorizing Pharmacology audiobooks that you have listed? Specifically the Mnemonics one. Thanks!

  2. Thank you SAITO SIR. The Snake is functionig up the ladder…hahaha…good one sir….good one… May GOD bless you sir….


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