Pathoma Video Series (Complete and New) Download | (Re)Updated 20th May 2020 |

New Premium Video Lectures of Pathology are now available here for free.

Click the Chapter titles below to watch/download them for free:

Click here to download Pathoma PDF (Latest)

Update 20th May 2020:
All of the links are updated. And the videos have been replaced with the newer versions

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65 thoughts on “Pathoma Video Series (Complete and New) Download | (Re)Updated 20th May 2020 |”

  1. This is not the latest version.
    The latest version will include 2.4a and 2.4b videos.
    Please update. Up to date, there is no free link download available for the latest version. So, if someone already paid for it and share with the rest of us, it would be much helpful.


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